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Cargo Supervisor (CS) Recurrent - Equivalent to old Level F Recurrent (inc. Visual Inspection, Hand Search, X-Ray and ETD)

  • The Threat to Aviation
  • Aviation Security - Organisation & Legislation
  • Protecting Air Cargo - Warehouse*
  • Protecting Air Cargo - Drivers*
  • Protecting and Searching Aircraft*
  • Reacting To and Reporting of Suspicious Circumstances & Security Incidents
  • Security Controls for Air Cargo
  • Warehouse Acceptance and Dispatch of Air Cargo
  • Prohibited Articles
  • Methods of Concealment
  • Overview of Screening Methods & Selection of the Most Appropriate Method
  • Visual Inspection*
  • Hand Search*
  • X-Ray*
  • Explosive Detection Systems (EDS)*
  • Explosive Trace Detection (ETD)*
  • Remote Explosive Scent Tracing (REST)*
  • Free Running Explosive Detection Dogs (FREDD)*
  • Metal Detection Equipment (MDE)*
  • The Supervisor

*This training should only be delivered where it is relevant to the trainee's duties / equipment used.

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