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  • 1.0 The threat to aviation (NEW)
  • 2.0 Security in the aviation industry (NEW)
  • 3.0 The trainee's role (NEW)
  • 4.0 Access control and the screening point (NEW)
  • 5.0 Escorting employment and/or visitor pass holders (NEW)
Course overview:

This course is designed for personnel who require access to the Security Restricted Area, or Critical Parts of an airport.

Syllabus Aims:
To ensure that all staff working in areas requiring general security awareness are aware of the security threat in their place of work.
To familiarise trainees with the nature of the threat to aviation and the basic security measures in place to counter that threat.
For trainees to understand the core objectives and organisation of aviation security.
For trainees to understand their role and responsibilities and the part they must play to contribute to aviation security.

Modules delivered:
1. The threat to aviation.
2. Security in the aviation industry.
3. The trainee’s role.
4. Access control and screening point.
5. Escorting employment and/or visitor passholders.

Course duration: 2-4 hours .

Delegate requirements: Must meet UK NASP requirements.

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