Aviation Security

UK DfT Airport Ground Security Courses
Behavioural Detection Courses
UK DfT Hold Baggage Reconciliation Courses
Cargo Operative - CO
Cargo Operative Screener - COS
Cargo Manager - CM
  • Cargo Manager (CM) Recurrent
    Equivalent to old Level G (inc. Visual Inspection, Hand Search and X-Ray)
Practical Element (1 hour) COS/CS/CM
Cargo Supervisor - CS
UK DfT Airport Supplies Courses
National X-Ray Competency Test
UK DfT Cargo - Known Consignor Courses
UK DfT Aircrew Security Courses
UK DfT Aviation Security Manager Courses
UK DfT In-flight Supplies Courses
Initial Practical Element (full day) COS/CS/CM
UK DfT Threat Assessor Courses